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2023-05-18 at 19:13 - comment by aqua toque

Be heard on May 29.

Vote to replace the Kananaskis Pass with the HEBOHVT (Harmonized EBike and Off Highway Vehicle Tax)!


2023-05-18 at 16:11 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

Mr. Democracy agrees with the comment. The UCP inflationary Kananaskis Country entrance tax was brought in undemocratically by the old school government so it could tax people that walk on crown lands. The land belongs to the people and the people, if we lived in a democracy, would have a say on if they want charges for walking on crown lands.

This Alberta government also brought in an inflationary $20/ night random camping tax for the eastern slopes. What is next their next hidden taxing agenda for the less wealthy? Don't be surprised and surprise the government by not voting for it. Demand better than a government that breaks ethics rules and so much more.

Kananaskis Pass

Report Submitted by gwk
(trip) Date: Monday May 15, 2023

Submitted: Monday May 15, 2023 at 21:36




Please remember MANY of our fellow Albertans can't afford the Kananaskis Pass implemented by the present government. Please vote against user fees for a park that was created for all. Discussion has been pointed out that McLean Creek does not require this pass.
Looking forward to a government that cares for all, access for all regardless of economic ability.

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