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2023-05-09 at 10:41 - comment by Jean-Francois

Hi MaSid,
Another very useful website for smoke prediction is
You just select Air Quality and then PM2.5 :,pm2p5,50.663,-114.203,8,m:e4gacYO
Have a good spring / summer

2023-05-09 at 08:22 - comment by HenryL

Looks like the front ranges are seeing the effect of the northern fires today.

2023-05-09 at 08:18 - comment by SkierRoger

Thanks MaSid.

This looks very useful. You’re a wealth of information!

Firesmoke forecast

Report Submitted by MaSid
(trip) Date: Monday May 08, 2023

Submitted: Monday May 08, 2023 at 20:40


Here’s a useful tool for the summer season. I use it all the time to plan hiking locations. The web site provides a 52 hr forecast in the form of an animated smoke density map. Might come in handy this year.

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