Death, taxes, and the Moraine Lake Road; three things you can count on

Submitted by Alaric
(trip) Date: Sunday Nov 07, 2021


We had modest expectations, but were pleasantly surprised with being able to have a lovely ski on the MLR. Certainly thin, but I used to be too. Skier tracks only as there isn’t enough to set a track into, but pretty good considering the amount of snow. -2 at the start, used Rode Multigrade. +1 at the finish.

Big thanks to the groomers for packing the base - without their work I am not sure it would be skiable.

Also thanks to Roger for the post that let me know about the grooming. Only 9 cars in the parking lot today. I suspect there will be 90 next weekend!

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2021-11-08 - comment by Diana Piggott

I think there were 90 cars this morning!! Okay not that many, but too many for us, and that, as they say, is another story........

2021-11-08 - comment by aqua toque

Well that's just great but not everyone can afford Ginsu-tipped ski poles!


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