GREAT DIVIDE - Roller Packed while we ski!

Submitted by Chuck
(trip) Date: Tuesday Nov 09, 2021

Minus 6 to start, and our kick and glide wax from last year worked fine!

Parks staff were busy roller packing a wide area

Welcome to British Columbia

No cars at the west end... just a train

Time for lunch on the return... wish I had an axe!

SASKI Skiing for Disabled group are enjoying conditions too.



Anna gave us the good news as we arrived... "Roller Packing is in progress, and conditions improve the further west you go"!
And we had the place almost to ourselves. We were the third car at the trail head while the Moraine Lake Road parking was spilling out all over the road.
Great conditions for skate skiing now, and while we didn't see the skate skier, we were were very impressed that they avoided the skier set track.
Consider starting at the west end which would allow you to miss the usual thin area near the normal east end parking.

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2021-11-10 - comment by Chuck

Hi Diana,
It was no mistake to follow your tracks!
We must have gone further... the Shelter has been cleaned up. There is now only one table, but also a stack of 12 by 12 beams, so Parks must have some changes planned... maybe an outhouse?!

2021-11-09 - comment by Diana Piggott

Hello Chuck! Usually my mistake is to follow your tracks the next day......
Is that picnic shelter in good shape? I remember it being rather a mess a few years ago.

2021-11-09 - comment by SkierRoger

I received a recent update from Jeff of the Chateau grooming team regarding the Lake Louise upper trails (Fairview, Lakeshore, Peyto, Upper Telemark, and Upper Tramline).

Not enough snow yet to start on anything yet. As soon as there is he will inform me and I’ll post a report.


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