Wolves at the Door(the Back Door, that is)

Submitted by Bob Truman
(trip) Date: Tuesday Nov 09, 2021

I think these are wolf tracks on Pocaterra

More animal tracks

Pocaterra, about 800 metres north of the Back Door junction

Pocaterra, heading south from the Back Door

Back Door access trail. Lots of boot prints in the snow, so it's a bit choppy, difficult to snowplow

I saw a few sheep along the road


Wolves, Snowshoe Hare, Pine Marten and me


No skiers had ventured north(towards Packers) on Pocaterra from the Back Door trail, so I took the road less traveled. I was rewarded with a variety of animal tracks in the fresh snow and saw a pine marten cross the trail in front of me. There's 2-3 cm of new snow since it was snowmobile packed a few days ago. I went about 1K north on good coverage. Turned around where the trail takes a steep downhill with the tight right turn(terrific fun when the conditions are good but very choppy and difficult to snowplow today due to the ridges left by the snowmobile).

I backtracked and headed south on Pocaterra to the Lookout/Tyrwhitt junction. The coverage is good but there are still hazards to be wary of. A few ruts and dipsy-doodles that could throw you off balance when heading downhill with a full head of steam.

I met Dave and Bob who had gone all the way to Elk Pass. They said Tyrwhitt is skiable but very rough.

The snow was cold and I had excellent grip using purple wax. Air temperature was -1.

The Back Door parking lot is 8.8K south of the winter gate on Hwy #40. To reach Upper Pocaterra there is a 700-metre access trail. I do not recommend this trail for novices/beginners.

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2021-11-10 - comment by Bob Truman

Arie, the parking lot is open. They roped it off last winter only on occasions when they needed to park the truck and trailer which hauls the snowcat. It's a small lot and the truck and trailer need all the space.

2021-11-10 - comment by Arie

Bob, what is the parking situation at Back Door? Last year, when it became popular, the lot was roped off.

2021-11-09 - comment by Diana Piggott

Lovely! Your communion with nature gives us paws......
(Sorry! Lovely to see your report :-) )


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