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Mystic Pass Tour

Report Submitted by RainerA
(trip) Date: Friday Apr 01, 2022

Submitted: Saturday Apr 02, 2022 at 17:51


GaryM and Anders


Found a couple of keen partners to tackle this long and seldom done tour. Tours like this seemed to be more popular back in the eighties. We started at Norquay, up Forty Mile Creek to Mystic Pass and down Johnston Creek to the Moose Meadows parking lot. Total distance was about 38km with 1000m elevation gain. Travel conditions were fantastic with a supportive crust. A mix of sun and cloud with cooler temperatures kept the snow pack stable. Lots of recent avalanches however have come down south facing slopes. Gary and I were on metal edged light touring while Anders had his light AT gear. The crux for us was coming down the west side of Mystic Pass, it took us about 3 hours to go 6 km struggling through the steep trees in breakable crust - wishing we had AT gear for this section. 10 km from the end we were back on a trail and we were home free. A great adventure that the three of us had on our list for awhile. At "only" 12.5 hours we even got out before dark!

Mt Louise, dramatic from every angle

Mystic Lake warden cabin, 16 km and 4 hrs into the trip

Mystic Pass

DON'T text and ski!

Tailgate recovery

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2022-04-02 at 19:38 - comment by aqua toque


2022-04-02 at 21:11 - comment by Helene

Gorgeous shots! Thanks for sharing your epic day, epic in all respects!

2022-04-02 at 22:06 - comment by Mike W

Great route! I was one of those who did it in the 80's. I scouted out the first part of the route earlier this year, but never got around to doing the whole trip. If I'd known you were going I would have joined you. The Little B's would have loved it! I suppose there's still a couple of weeks to have a go at it. Anyone else interested?

2022-04-03 at 19:38 - comment by Chuck

Thanks Rainer, GaryM & Anders... I didn't dare take my phone, as I was alone!


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