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Birdwood traverse

Report Submitted by Arie
(trip) Date: Thursday Apr 28, 2022

Submitted: Friday Apr 29, 2022 at 15:09


Arie V., Darren F.


Skied the Birdwood traverse yesterday. Travel conditions were easy in the morning. The midday clouds kept the snow cool in the alpine, and it felt decidedly wintery despite it being late April. Skiing into Birdwood Creek from Birdwood Pass we enjoyed dust-on-crust conditions. The snow conditions in upper Commonwealth Creek were much trickier due to cakey, grabby snow. We skied back from Commonwealth to Burstall trailhead through the clearcuts at the west side of Smith-Dorrien valley. Here the snow had gone isothermal in places and the going was tough. In all, though, an excellent day of skiing.

Fine scenery in the Burstall Valley

Approaching Birdwood Pass

Birdwood Pass

Powder in late April!

Getting ready to put the skins back on in Birdwood Creek valley.

Descending upper Commonwealth Creek. The first bit was windblasted (as it usually is) and the lower part was quite grabby.

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2022-04-29 at 15:38 - comment by aqua toque

Well done! Thanks for sharing.

I can just picture the final leg but kudos for doing it no-shuttle style. Hope you had beverages cooling in the berms at Burstall TH!

2022-04-29 at 21:44 - comment by Arie

Hi Aquatoque,

Yes the last bit was a slog. Dehydration was indeed a factor. Sadly no kokanees were swimming upstream in Smuts Creek... I was looking for them in my delirium.
- Arie (snotsicle from TTips)


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