Moraine Lake road is triple trackset

Submitted by Bob Truman
(trip) Date: Thursday Nov 11, 2021

Moraine Lake road at 6K was in excellent shape

Moraine Lake road at 1.5K

Moraine Lake road at 2.5K

At 3.5K, the tracks were deeper and well-defined

Enjoying the downhill

The grooming team was just finished as I arrived. They moved over to the Great Divide


Tanya's report and photos were enticing and here are a few more. I can't remember the last time I was able to descend the big hill and stay in the tracks for almost the the entire distance(I'm aware of the sharp curve where the tracks always get mangled with the first skier).

With my advancing age and brittle bones, I'm getting cautious about being too reckless, but the downhill was screaming good fun on fast and safe conditions.

The tracks are thin until you reach Paradise Creek. At 3.5K, which is halfway up the big hill, the conditions improve immensely.

I used yesterday's wax with good results VR45(-2/-8).

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