First Thigh Burn on Chester Lake Trail

Submitted by gmkayaker
(trip) Date: Wednesday Nov 10, 2021


Just little-ol-me!


I took a quick afternoon cruise to Chester Lake to stretch out the legs, toughen the feet and see how conditions had changed from 8 days earlier (when it was VERY boney.) The Mud Lake and Burstal Pass remote telemetry sites indicated there had been dribs and drabs of HN all week. I took my early-season (i.e. rock) alpine touring setup to maximize the exercise benefit.

Conditions looked promising on the drive up with a 5cm dusting of fresh snow on the drive up from Canmore (and the road, especially the Canmore Hill and the windey bits, was in the best shape I have ever seen.)

Good coverage at the trailhead and trail itself was tracked with just a single or double row of post-holes bridged by the occasional skier. So I got to practice some trail-breaking with at least 10cms of ski penetration.

I went as far as the lake (sorry, no pictures; too cloudy with occasional flakes blowing around) and the ski back down was delightful with good speed and nice turns back and forth across the track resulting in some good thigh burn.

Total number of rock hits: ZERO!!

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