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2022-06-05 at 00:46 - comment by aqua toque

Ride on Little B's. Ride on!

2022-06-04 at 22:30 - comment by mike w

The Little B's fit into my handlebar basket!

2022-06-04 at 12:55 - comment by Chuck

Thanks AT, but I prefer this style, not wanting to pedal in ski boots.

2022-06-04 at 12:55 - comment by HenryL

Chuck, bravo on a trip with a real sense of adventure and challenge.

It's amazing too how much snow there is, and that it would delay opening up there.

2022-06-03 at 23:24 - comment by aqua toque

As a veteran of the bike/hike/ski thing I feel qualified to comment. As a matter of fact I am somewhat of a legend in my own mind around these parts on the topic.

I dug up a couple "selfies" from the archives ('04). As you can see my go to technique was to strap the skis to the top tube. Those in the know will recognize the pavement as that of Alberta Hwy 40.

2022-06-02 at 13:27 - comment by SkierRoger

What a great idea Chuck: a bike and ski trip.
I guess you're right, the season is far from over for some.


Report Submitted by Chuck
(trip) Date: Wednesday Jun 01, 2022

Submitted: Thursday Jun 02, 2022 at 02:08


Ski possibilities do not happen often in June... Enjoy!
This year's snow pack will delay opening of this area for another month. Conditions were packed solid thanks to heavy use this past winter, though it did soften up a bit in the afternoon.
I cycled with my skis on my backpack for the first 5 km, and then skied on my light touring skis for the remaining 5 km.
The season is far from over!

How did I get there?

Cycle to top of swithbacks, and then...


Avalanches have crossed the road

Bird song accompanied me all the way, including this beautiful Wilson's Warbler

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