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PARKER RIDGE - So many options this year

Report Submitted by Chuck
(trip) Date: Saturday Jun 25, 2022

Submitted: Tuesday Jun 28, 2022 at 03:02


Even Parker Ridge is going to last a lot longer this year!
With fresh snow and overnight temperatures below zero, this was the place to be.
I took the gentle south end because of all the late season snow this time, knowing that the north end will be good for another few weeks.
Hope to see you there.

Okay, you have to see my best tracks first!

My first sight was seeing Lawrence snowboard the gully

Only 100 metres up through the trees first...

...then follow tracks to the tracks I want!

John blows through

Bragging rights!

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2022-06-30 at 19:28 - comment by SkierRoger

Fantastic trip report Chuck!

I think you're right: this season is far from over...

2022-07-01 at 22:39 - comment by aqua toque

Nice summer turns and impeccable summer ski fashion sense.


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