Moraine Lake Road amongst the masses

Submitted by ErinP
(trip) Date: Saturday Nov 13, 2021


Hubby and I managed to pass the waking up, fuelling, getting the kids dressed, and driving levels and then we (barely) squeaked by the extra challenging parking lot obstacle course final level, after which we reached the ultimate reward: skiing up MLR! The snow was lovely all the way up (my skins loved it) and I feel as if Parks Canada underestimated conditions when it rated this trail as only fair. Once we were passed the first 2 km, the crowds thinned out and we were actually on our own for stretches of trail. It was great to see skiers whom I have not run into since last season, like Kim, Cathryn, and Chuck. It was even better to get to the top and eat our lunch in the warm half-sun without having to rush away due to cold winds. Keep ‘em coming, MLR!

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