Grooming Update: Mt. Shark, Peter Lougheed Park & Ribbon Creek trails

Submitted by SkierRoger
(trip) Date: Tuesday Nov 16, 2021


Today I received an update on Mt. Shark, Peter Lougheed Park and Ribbon Creek trail conditions from the exceedingly experienced head groomer James.

The big snow forecast for the past 3-days provided a bit of snow that was quickly watered down by 2-days of rain and left a substantial ice layer underneath with a bit of icy crust on top. The silver lining is the underlying ice layer may ultimately help out by keeping a clean layer under the next/future snowfalls. This may allow them to commence operations with less snow accumulation.

Review the Alberta Parks website for any updates. Live grooming updates facilitated by Nordic Pulse will be available when the time arrives.

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2021-11-16 - comment by fallsalot

moraine lake road was indeed trackset today and is in pretty good condition.tracksetter was done about 1PM ,just in time for my return trip .firmed up fast but tracks too wobbly for any speed on the fun parts.nice that parks posted a quick update !

2021-11-16 - comment by Bob Truman

It looks like Lake Louise was spared. The trail report indicates that Moraine Lake road was trackset today, so it appears the rain didn't do any damage to the trails there.

The Banff trail report indicates "crusty snow" on the Banff xc ski trails so they obviously were hit with rain.


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