CASCADE VALLEY - Not Groomed yet, despite lots of snow

Submitted by Chuck
(trip) Date: Tuesday Nov 16, 2021

Where is the Banff Park Track Setter?

First Tracks

Okay, maybe not first tracks... Deer got here first!

Lifting ski through the rain crust provides a work out... see link below for correct 3 second video

Downed trees will also provide a challenge

Let's go back down and try Upper Bankhead

Link to photos page or website



With a good 30 cms of fresh snow in Banff, this was a good opportunity to check out something close to home... the Cascade Valley.
Unfortunately, Parks staff have not got here yet, but conditions were good for first tracks.
Lifting your ski up through the rain crust, after pushing it forward in unbroken snow was a challenge. I perfected the technique by sliding the back ski forward and up with the help of the curve on the buried tip!
Ski penetration was boot top, but the underlying snow was nice and cold, providing great glide.
Nevertheless, I chose another trail before the day was done.
Upper Bankhead to come...

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