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Lake O'Hara road

Report Submitted by Karl B
(trip) Date: Friday Nov 18, 2022

Submitted: Friday Nov 18, 2022 at 18:32


Chris and me.


We skied up Lake O'Hara road yesterday and skied back today after staying by ourselves at Elizabeth Parker Hut. Snow is shallow and hard packed by snowmobiles leaving a number of ridges and no real good skier set tracks. It was cold both days near minus 20 most of the time. We had trouble getting our grip wax right as it seem to wear off in a short amount of time. Lots of hoar frost on the snow. We switched to our skins for the last few kms. We had metal edge BC skis which save us alot of grief on the way down as it was fairly fast. We met 2 good looking mountain goats on the way down who let us have a good look at them until they decided to let us pass by stepping into the trees. Also met 2 Alpine Club maintenance people at EP Hut who were there to shovel off the roof. Learn that ACC has alot of maintenance work to do at the Hut in the coming year. New roof. Overall a great ski in and out despite conditions. Good early season conditions.

Total distance: 24.00 Km

Mountain 🐐 's coming up Lake O'Hara Road

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2022-11-18 at 19:13 - comment by Chuck

Wow.. what a special sighting...and photo!
Thanks for sharing


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