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The Little B's Expand Their Social Network - Healy Pass

Report Submitted by Little Bs
(trip) Date: Friday Nov 18, 2022

Submitted: Saturday Nov 19, 2022 at 21:30


The Little B's, Dad, 4 other pairs of skis and their guardians


In the month since we became SkierRoger Trip Reporters, we've enjoyed the comments on our stories and reading others' adventures. So we decided to expand our social network even more by joining the Rocky Mountain Ramblers Association. Our first trip was yesterday to Healy Pass, and it couldn't have been a more eclectic group of skis of all nationalities, shapes, colours, and sizes (photo #1)! Fortunately, ski language is universal so there was no difficulty communicating. It was -17C when we started from the Sunshine parking lot. Although the sun was out, the first couple of hours were in the shade so it was pretty cold. At least there was no wind. The first obstacle was crossing Sunshine Creek. Because there wasn't enough snow over the creek, we had to cross the very narrow bridge (photo #2). The trail was firmly-packed snow with no rocks showing (photo #3). Once we reached the meadows, the sun warmed everyone up and our topsheet was restored to its normal vibrant pink after taking on a salmon-ish hue in the cold trees! From there it was a very pleasant climb on a solid track to the Pass.

We spent over half an hour on top. While the humans had lunch (photo #4), the rest of us gathered to enjoy the view and chat about our past adventures (photo #1). On our way back down through the meadows we made gentle turns, being careful not to break through the fragile base. We started with tele turns (photo #5). We even managed a few parallel turns after getting some tips from the Cho Oyus! Back in the trees, the trail was pretty fast but we made sure no one got left behind. It was -13C when we got back to the car.

And now the most exciting news! On the way home we stopped by to say hello at our old orphanage, Switching Gear in Canmore. Carl V M spotted a really cute pair of French skis the same size as us, and was immediately smitten. He quickly made arrangements to foster them until the formal adoption could be arranged (photo #6). They need a bit of rehab but should be on the snow very soon!

Total distance: 18.00 Km

Photo #1 Admiring the view and chatting at Healy Pass

Photo #2 The Tua Megas and Carl V M crossing Sunshine Creek

Photo #3 Making our way up through the trees

Photo #4 The humans having lunch at Healy Pass. The snowy hump at back centre is Mount Bourgeau. See "The Little B's meet the Big B!" at

Photo #5 Tele turns!

Photo #6 Carl V M's new wards


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