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Hello, old friends

Report Submitted by bob truman
(trip) Date: Wednesday Nov 23, 2022

Submitted: Wednesday Nov 23, 2022 at 21:11


It's nice to see the old familiar landmarks every winter when I make the first trip on Elk Pass. In addition to the landmarks, I was thrilled to run into couch builder MaSid at the Fox Creek junction at 1.5K.

I'm always relieved when I realize I can make it to the top of the big hill once again, especially considering I'll be joining the septuagenarians in a few months.

The snow is cold and has not deteriorated whatsoever from this warm spell. In mid afternoon, the air temperature was -1 and the snow was -3. I had already lost the sun.

The trail is groomed for the first 2K, and trackset thereafter. As MaSid mentioned on his report, there's even some fresh snow on top of the recent grooming. I had good grip with purple wax.

I was pleasantly surprised at the good conditions on Fox Creek on my return. Excellent coverage, good skier-set tracks, and only a bit of tree debris.

It's great to be back on Elk Pass

Elk Pass at 3.8K


MaSid's tracks as they leave the groomed trail and head into the meadows

Good conditions on Fox Creek

This landmark on Elk pass will eventually resemble a space ship.

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2022-11-23 at 21:48 - comment by MaSid

Well put. I was thinking the same thing, skiing through west elk, like meeting an old friend after 7 months apart. A good reunion. And then the first person I saw all day was Bob. A good end to the day, although perhaps I should have done fox creek.


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