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Report Submitted by SteveR
(trip) Date: Wednesday Nov 23, 2022

Submitted: Wednesday Nov 23, 2022 at 23:13


The Muffin Man


From the back door, I skied south to north across the Kananaskis fire lookout this afternoon, via Tyrwhitt, Hydroline and Pocaterra. The trails were a mix of impeccable trackset on Pocaterra and Hydroline, skier tracked-snowmobile packed on Tyrwhitt and Lookout south, and bulletproof grooming on Lookout north that was reminiscent of Nakiska a week out from the last snowfall. With temps around zero give or take- Swix VR 45 worked very well, with kicker skins added for the steep Lookout ascent, where the newer snow over old packing was severely chopped up/postholed in places by previous skiers. Some of those same steep south facing hills were also feeling the melting affects of the warm sun- descending that way is probably best avoided for now, unless on heavier gear than my 3/4 metal edged light touring setup. All in all- a great afternoon tour in perfect weather!

Typical Tyrwhitt conditions. Watch out for a few abrupt dips in the snowmobile packed trail.

Easy cruising in the Tyrwhitt Meadows.

Dusting of snow in the Hydroline tracks.

Relief from the long climb as the lookout comes into view.

The panorama never fails to amaze.

Time for a well earned afternoon tea.

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2022-11-23 at 23:26 - comment by SteveR

The sharp eyed might notice the plus 1 temperature at 2 pm.

Great fast tracks to finish on Pocaterra.

2022-11-24 at 11:54 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

Hello Muffin Man,

What kind of 3/4 metal edge skis are you skiing on and how wide are they?

Ski Cheers

2022-11-24 at 15:03 - comment by SteveR

Mr D: my 3/4 edged skis are waxable Asnes Vikafjell, dimensions 60-51-55. Compared to my other metal edged light touring skis, the Madshus Glittertind which are 68-55-62, waxable with a full edge, the Asnes offer a nice compromise, with far better performance in set tracks than the draggy wider skis, while still behaving nicely in ungroomed or icy conditions. I bought the Asnes lightly used last spring and am very happy with them, but I only have about 10 days on them thus far. During this time I have used them for some very icy groomed trails, and several days knocking around off-trail at Bragg and in the east and west Elk Passes area, with excellent results including some wide sweeping tele turns coming down the logging cut on the circuit of the two Elk passes (that was in ideal conditions). Having said that-the Glittertinds are a much better turning ski. They also came with the slick Asnes kicker skin setup which fastens to the ski using a low profile metal clip that engages with two slots in the ski. Some kick and glide is still there with the kicker skin in place but, nowhere near as good glide as an xc "skin ski". Right now I have them setup with bindings to go with my track skiing "slippers", which works very well, but I may change bindings so I that can use my NNN-BC boots for better control in more rugged terrain. Finally- this ski is no longer in the Asnes lineup, but they do have a very similar newer model.


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