Moraine Lake Road

Submitted by Pattier
(trip) Date: Wednesday Nov 17, 2021


myself and 3 friends from Canmore


A chilly -20 in Lake Louise at 9:30 this morning, but the new snow has made a big difference at the MLR. It was groomed and trackset yesterday, the tracks are in great shape, but the skating lane is TERRIBLE - lots of bumps, lumps and ruts, and very uneven! I'm sure glad I wasn't skating! The tracksetter must've had a very challenging job working with all that warm, heavy snow.

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2021-11-17 - comment by Ray

We also skied MLR, starting from the Chateau parking and skiing down Upper Tramline, which was freshly trackset, and very good. We had no trouble going up MLR, though it did have a bit of an icy feel until we got above the steep hills (about 4km up) - after that it was quite good with the occasional soft section. Coming down the steepest sections was a bit tricky, as the tracks were very fast, but it was challenging to snow plow with one ski on the rough middle section. A later start (-14C at 10:30am), then warmed up to -7C.

2021-11-17 - comment by Helene

Thanks Pattie, your info is much appreciated! Cheers!


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