Hitting the Jackpot!

Submitted by Bob Truman
(trip) Date: Thursday Nov 18, 2021

West side of the Bow River loop

Kurt got first tracks at the north end. This is where the Tramline ends and Bow River Loop begins.

East side of the Bow River Loop

It is spectacular in the sunshine. Photo from two years ago

Bow River Loop is dog-friendly

You can add distance by skiing the Campground Loop which is double trackset with a skating lane



After skiing the Great Divide at Lake Louise, I checked to see if there was any activity on the Bow River Loop. To my delight, they had just finished tracksetting it. Getting to ski the Bow River Loop before anyone has walked on it is like winning the lottery.

Snow was lightly falling and the air was calm as I skied along the banks of the Bow River in perfect tracks with excellent coverage. The temperature had warmed up to -8 and blue wax worked well.

My photos which were taken with overcast skies and falling snow don't do justice to the spectacular scenery along this trail so I've added a photo from two years ago when the sun was shining.

The Bow River Loop and the Campground Loop are on-leash dog-friendly.

This trail gets severely beaten up by walkers so don't expect the pristine conditions you see in these photos.

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