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2021-11-20 - comment by SkierRoger

Oh yes, the Lake O’Hara parking lot is in fine shape.

2021-11-20 - comment by chuckley

Thanks Roger,
Has the parking lot been plowed out yet? On Wednesday it was just a single plow strip.

Lake O’Hara and a Blue Sky

Report Submitted by SkierRoger
(trip) Date: Friday Nov 19, 2021

Submitted: Saturday Nov 20, 2021

A New Friend

Lake O’Hara Campground

Majestic Peaks


Just me


Skied up the Lake O’Hara Fire Road yesterday. A great day with blue sky and little wind. The trail was thankfully set by ski/snowshoe/sled. There was a fair snow pack with a slight crust on top.

As I arrived in the parking lot I was delighted to have a bird come say hello! Enjoyed chatting with several folks along the way, including a group planning to spend the night at the Elizabeth Parker Hut.

As I arrived up top the trees widened and I was greeted with the beauty of Lake O’Hara. What an iconic place! Apologies for the poor resolution photos- I used my phone with the Live setting turned on. Never again. Live & learn…

The return trip was of course quicker. I did my best Ken Read impression a few times coming down. Skiers should take care as it tends to be steeper near the top and a number of large branches/trees had to be skirted around.


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