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2021-11-20 - comment by SkierRoger

Thanks Mike for the very informative and detailed report.

PLPP Elk Pass Area

Report Submitted by Mike W
(trip) Date: Saturday Nov 20, 2021

Submitted: Saturday Nov 20, 2021

Top of Blueberry Hill

West Elk Pass - site of a future Snow Couch

Silky smooth trail breaking in West Elk Pass meadows

Elk Pass - site of a future picnic table


Me and Carl V M


2021-Nov-20 Peter Lougheed Provincial Park
Elk Pass parking - Elk Pass trail - Boulton - Fox Creek - Elk Pass trail - Blueberry Hill - West Elk Pass - Powerline - Elk Pass - Elk Pass trail back to parking

Grooming report based on trails we skied and passed:
Nothing trackset
Roller Groomed: Elk Pass (with lots of boot prints), Hydroline, Patterson
Smooth Snowmobile-Groomed: Boulton, Fox Creek, Moraine, Blueberry Hill. Forgot to check Tyrwhitt, but 3 days ago it was in great shape without any grooming..
Skier Trackset: Near the bottom of Blueberry Hill, across meadows to West Elk Pass, and on to the power line
The power line south of Elk Pass has a hard snow/ice surface

We were on metal-edged touring skis today. Mixed sun and cloud, windy in clearings, -7C at 1100 and -5C at 1600. We passed a large group of walkers on the Elk Pass trail, but saw just 2 other skiers about a half hour before we reached the parking lot. Boulton and Fox Creek were in good condition, and from the looks of it, so was Moraine. Everything was smooth packed snow over a hard base, whether it was roller-groomed or snowmobile-groomed. We had backcountry baskets and didn't break through anywhere, but that probably wouldn't be the case with XC baskets and especially "nano-baskets"! No bare spots, icy spots, wet spots, downed trees etc. It looked like we were the first skiers on the grooming. On our descent from Blueberry Hill we went off-trail about 250m before the junction with the Elk Pass trail, and broke trail through meadows to West Elk Pass. No couch yet, unfortunately. From there we broke trail to the power line which we followed up to Elk Pass. Then took the Elk Pass trail all the way down to the parking lot. Great day, and surprised there were so few skiers!


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