Alberta Parks PLPP Trail Report

Submitted by Mike W
(trip) Date: Sunday Nov 21, 2021


Alberta Parks issued a PLPP XC trail report yesterday (but dated Nov 19). It says "All trails are still very rough with all manner of early season hazards..." They rated all trails listed as "Poor". I can't comment on trails I didn't see yesterday. But I would rate Elk Pass and Blueberry Hill as Good, and the south section of Boulton and all of Fox Creek as Fair to Good. We didn't encounter hazards of any sort. We got a good view of the top and bottom of Hydroline, and the bottom of Patterson. I'm confident those trails are Good. I expect Tyrwhitt is at least Fair to Good. These ratings don't take into account that the trails aren't trackset.

If you don't mind skiing on trails without trackset, I highly recommend the Elk Pass area. See my grooming report and trip report from yesterday.

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