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Castle Junction to Baker Creek & back

Report Submitted by Carole
(trip) Date: Sunday Jan 22, 2023

Submitted: Sunday Jan 22, 2023 at 17:51


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It's an annual tradition to ski part of the loppet trail when it's trackset. Today, I left Calgary and hit a snowstorm on Highway 8 but drove out of it quickly.

I started at Castle Junction and did go through quite a few twigs. The trail is somewhat rough but doable with some attention to upcoming hazards. The first downhill is very bumpy; caution is advised. The return hill just west of there requires skiers to slow down for safe passage. Caution signs are posted for eastbound skiers. I skied as far as a bit west of Baker Creek. The conditions are rough right around the resort but are supposed to improve west of that location.

I was lucky to encounter the Canmore herd of elk this morning, a herd of sheep near Lac des Arcs on my way home, and most importantly, Chuck with Jeannette between Castle Mountain and Baker Creek. We had an awesome conversation.

The conditions do improve as you head west from Castle Junction. The sun shone in the mountains and my ski was very peaceful.

Total distance: 32.00 Km

Twiggiest part of the trail

Looking back towards Castle Mountain

Blue sky heading west

View from lunch spot at Baker Creek red chairs


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