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Cascade Fire Road to Warden's Cabin

Report Submitted by Helen Read
(trip) Date: Sunday Jan 22, 2023

Submitted: Sunday Jan 22, 2023 at 23:06


Barely a half dozen skiers seen all Sunday.....


Had no expectations on great conditions, especially as I'd rate the initial road to meadow at 4/10, but next section to first bridge was at least 6+/10 and beyond, an 8/10. Met a couple of gals, Maria and Moira from Calgary who had not been to the Cabin before and Moira was doing amazingly well considering she just got her first pr of skis!! Both had skin skis while my light blue wax needed some topping up for the return. We did not see a soul on our return to the first bridge, and I'd describe the tracks as somewhat a combo of a bobble-head Geisha girl and a few spots which were land mines of pine cones. -6 to start and -1 to finish on this bluebird day. That Carleton cabin can certainly boast the best "curb appeal" of any Warden's cabin I have skied or hiked to. Late post as attended excellent Avalanche Awareness presentation at Banff Centre tonight.

Total distance: 28.00 Km

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2023-01-23 at 12:23 - comment by ulrikeski

Great report, Helen. You're an intrepid skier. Did you use metal edged LT gear? How was the big downhill?

2023-01-23 at 16:10 - comment by Helen Read

Ulrike, the Loppeteer: you are the intrepid skier, not me. I ONLY ski on light touring metal edge skis c back country bindings. Not sure which hill you were referring to, but the one that goes most directly down to the cabin, I never choose, but rather always enter by trail closest to end of grooming. I ski up that hill only.

2023-01-23 at 17:53 - comment by ulrikeski

Hi Helen: I meant the big hill on the fireroad back down to the meadow and road w. Junction to Bank head. (the big hill you climb going up)


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