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Beautiful Blueberry

Report Submitted by SkierRoger
(trip) Date: Monday Jan 23, 2023

Submitted: Monday Jan 23, 2023 at 19:18


Jolynn and I


I read Ray's trip report and was immediately disappointed that we missed him. JoLynn and I took a slightly different route and headed up Blueberry. Just a beautiful trail with lots of snow hanging in the trees, encouraging you to keep going...

-4 degrees upon our arrive and -2 as we departed. I found Swix V45 worked well.

We met lots of people on the trail today.

Ray mentioned that he saw three snowmobiles on the Elk Pass trail. This picture shows the snow that they took down.

JoLynn and I had a very nice chat with L-R: Darryl, Heidi, Danita and Todd. Darryl told us he enjoys tracksetting his acreage west of Edmonton. This was Danita's first time on cross country skis. She was determined follow us up Blueberry. She did great!

The sun came to greet us at the Elk Pass - Blueberry Junction.

We also met L-R: Gail and Dia at the top of Blueberry. Dia was excited to point her skis down!

Queen of the mountain!


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