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Wax 25; Waxless 0.

Report Submitted by Bob Truman
(trip) Date: Monday Jan 23, 2023

Submitted: Monday Jan 23, 2023 at 20:28


I've been able to use my waxable skis every time this winter which is the way I like it. It helps that I've been choosy about where and when I ski. I'm happy to say every one of my 25 times has been on excellent or good conditions with cold snow.

Today I started on Whiskey Jack, made an out-and-back to Tyrwhitt meadows, enjoyed the downhill run on Upper Pocaterra, and finished with a safe and fun descent on Packers.

I was thrilled to meet two of the PLPP grooming team, Jody and Dylan, who were skiing up Packers. We had a lengthy chat about the lack of snow and how challenging it is for the tracksetters. Jody said this is the worst dry spell that he's experienced in his 13 years of grooming in PLPP. The north end of the park is really suffering from lack of snow.

I would have rated today's conditions as excellent except for the tree debris on the first 600 metres of Tyrwhitt(see Ray Yong's report). There was not even a hint of an ice flow on Packers. Upper Pocaterra was fantastic.

I observed lots of wolf tracks on Tyrwhitt. I wish I could warn them about the trappers who are trying to kill them on the BC side of the border. It's very sad to think these instruments of torture and death are still legal.

The air temperature at Boulton Creek at 1:30 pm was -3 and the snow was -5. VR45(-2/-8) worked well.

I managed to catch the last rays of sun in the Tyrwhitt meadows

Two-thirds of the PLPP grooming team, Jody(L) and Dylan on Packers. It was Jody's day off and Dylan will be operating the snowcat tonight.

Upper Pocaterra was in excellent condition.

Upper Pocaterra

Whiskey Jack had some minor tree debris but was in good overall shape.

The crash site on the Whiskey Jack S-turn has been well-used.


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