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2021-11-22 - comment by SkierRoger

Spotwx.com eh,
Got it!

Black Prince Fan (Mostly a Sk Walk)

Report Submitted by Chip Scialfa
(trip) Date: Monday Nov 22, 2021

Submitted: Monday Nov 22, 2021


Karen, Jenny, Stefan and Chip


Although I knew conditions would be a little uncertain, I cajoled a group to ski into Black Prince Fan on Sunday. There was much less snow here than at Chester Lake earlier in the week and warmer temps meant a rock-hard crust along the trail. A bit of fresh snow improved things after we passed the tarns, but there had been a 1.5 slide below the pinch-point at the Fan and that had left debris over the entire bottom half. We did find clean, very low-angle runs of about 250 m linear and did 3 laps before heading out, skinning almost all the way. Not the best conditions, but it could have been a day at the Mall, so...

Beta: Rock hard and supportive base. A couple of slides in the area, no snowpack analysis. Temp was -2 at arrival with little wind and no new snow falling during the day. Spotwx predicts a good drop of fresh snow on Tuesday, ending Wednesday early morning.


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