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2021-11-22 - comment by Ski junkie

You got first tracks on the second tracksetting if that's from today :) we had first tracks on fresh tracksetting at Pipestone yesterday. Pretty good conditions overall. The ski doo was heading out for another lap as we were leaving. We did the Pipestone loop finishing on Hector.

PIPESTONE & HECTOR - First Tracks on First Tracksetting!

Report Submitted by Chuck
(trip) Date: Monday Nov 22, 2021

Submitted: Monday Nov 22, 2021

Worth an early start... Minus 5 at 9 am

Trail Condition Report was actually the first place to start

With no one around, I chose to start on Hector

Okay, you've seen enough of my skis!

The map is useful


All I had to worry about were snow bombs... the wind was gusty at times.
Parks staff have done an amazing job leveling the trail before tracksetting. Only a few twigs sticking up in certain areas.
Enjoy it before it goes to the Dogs... no offence Kazzy, we know you keep your humans on a tight leash!


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