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2021-11-24 - comment by Bob Truman

coffeecup: send your concerns to ll.info@pc.gc.ca I spoke to Kurt Devlin yesterday and he said it's important to "go through the proper channels." In other words, let government bureaucracy run its course. I have no other contact.

2021-11-24 - comment by coffeecup

who do we address the funding cuts for the 4rth groomer situation to? i.e. next up the ladder?

2021-11-23 - comment by ODA

It should be noted that crews do more than track the trails. I met the groomer at Cascade yesterday and he was on snowmobile cutting all the trees on the trail. When I asked when the trails might be tracked he mumbled under his breath that he had 100-150 trees to cut in the next few days! All the wet snow/rain took its toll on the trees.
Perhaps we all need a little patience : )

Besides cutting trees, to clear the trail he did a couple of runs from the trail head to the bridge and a loop around the camp area. So that section is now skidoo packed. I assume he will be back today to continue cutting trees to the end of the trail.
Hopefully it will be tracked soon.
Happy skiing all.

2021-11-23 - comment by JeremyN

All efforts are indeed appreciated by xc skiers -who, sometimes are overly enthusiastic about grooming even though at times is substandard understanding that challenges abound early season. Best feedback is direct to parks, both provincial and federal. Do let them know your expectations.

Re: my concern about Parks Canada\'s grooming cutbacks

Report Submitted by Bob Truman
(trip) Date: Monday Nov 22, 2021

Submitted: Monday Nov 22, 2021


This is Parks Canada's response to my concern about the cutback in grooming personnel at Lake Louise. As Chuck said in today's Pipestone report, Parks staff are doing an amazing job despite being short one person.


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