LL Bow Valley Trail

Submitted by JeremyN
(trip) Date: Tuesday Nov 23, 2021

Bow Valley trail by condo's


Bow valley trail was in best early condition I've seen in years: west trails up Tramline to MLR was well set and east trail by hardsided campground all the way north to Railway Stn parking lot was set with minimal foot prints.This is a seldom skied trail but tight in the trees and fun to work on rhythm and balance. There is a short section where you have to ski on sentinel rd across bridge. "Townsite" trail behind Samson Mall to parks compound was set in good condition too. Missing link in a set trail along Sheol Rd and some minor wayfinding to pipestone -very easily achieved with some forethought. Connecting this network is achievable without extra funding and has a lot of ski tourism potential with food/bathroom/egress all though network. Happy trails!

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