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2021-11-24 - comment by Gord F

Good to hear you found some turns. I was at Arethusa a few days ago and everything in the alpine was wind-hammered so I assumed Highwood would still be the same. Today we skied Tryst Lake and found great (early season) conditions. A bit testy getting in there with plenty of alder-bashing, but better than expected.

Highwood Pass

Report Submitted by Chip Scialfa
(trip) Date: Wednesday Nov 24, 2021

Submitted: Wednesday Nov 24, 2021

Lunchtime view


Kim, Dave & Chip


New snow at Highwood Pass made for a gorgeous day in the backcountry. Even though the city temp was -15C at 8 a.m., by the time we got to the Pass it was a comfortable -5 C. Variable snow on all aspects, with perhaps 8 cm of "fresh" over a rock-hard crust. Good skiing on north and east aspects heading up valley and very nice on the south end of Pocaterra Ridge. Although we did see some avalanched debris, there were no obvious slides of note.


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