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Kananaskis Conservatives Pass Fee Increase Due to UCP Misrepresentation, Fraud and Shrinkflation!

Report Submitted by Mike W
(trip) Date: Wednesday Jun 28, 2023

Submitted: Wednesday Jun 28, 2023 at 21:58


Me and the Little B's


I'm sure none of us has forgotten MaSid's horrendous account of the UCP hounding him over his inadvertent failure to renew his Kananaskis Pass on time -

Well, I renewed my annual pass today and the Little B's and I are furious! After paying for an "Annual" pass, the receipt showed I was getting one less day than the Alberta Government had contracted to give me. Instead of being a year starting on July 3 2023 and ending at the end of July 2 2024, the receipt said the pass expired at the end of July 1 2024! I phoned the Alberta Parks Contact Centre at 1-877-537-2757 and was informed that it was one day less because 2024 is a leap year and the pass was for 365 days; not 366. Well, there's no option to purchase a 365-day pass on the website; just an "Annual" pass. Perhaps there's some ambiguity as to how long a year is when a leap year occurs? Not so, as far as the Alberta Government is concerned. According to section 13.4(3) of the Alberta Rules of Court, "When counting to or from an event or activity in years, time is calculated from the date on which the activity or event occurs in a year to the same-numbered date in a subsequent or previous year, as the case requires". In fact according to that definition, one could argue that the pass should have been valid to the end of July 3 2024, but certainly at least to the end of July 2 2024.

Due to the UCP Government's fraudulent misrepresentation, they are shrinking a year by one day and padding their pockets with a hidden $0.26 fee increase from every pass holder!

As for MaSid's recommendation to sign up for an email expiry reminder when you purchase your pass so you don't forget to renew? Well, I signed up for a reminder but never got one. Fortunately I also put a reminder in my calendar. And it's no longer possible to sign up for (just) a reminder. Instead you have to sign up for "annual expiry notifications and periodic e-newsletters from Alberta Parks".

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2023-06-29 at 07:33 - comment by MaSid

Back into your Kananaskis parking stall on February 29, just in case.

2023-07-02 at 16:03 - comment by aqua toque

2023-07-03 at 19:26 - comment by Mike W

aqua toque - I'm all in for Alberta Park Backwards Day! In case you're wondering when the 2025 2nd Annual Celebration will be, the Alberta Rules of Court anticipated this; it will be February 28 2025. Pursuant to section 13.4(4), "If the count starts on February 29th and ends in a year that is not a leap year, the count ends on February 28th of that year."

2023-07-11 at 18:49 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

The Alberta Government needs about $100 billion dollars to clean up the tar sands tailings ponds so they are going to rip into your wallet in any way they can to subsidize the heavily subsidized oil industry. That includes breaking the law and jipping you on the UCP Kananaskis Country entrance tax fee. This is just another example as to why the undemocratic government needs to be replaced with a democratic government that supports the legalization of real democracy where people rule rather than the undemocratic gangsters do. (Gang is defined as a group of people working together to do things lawfully and unlawfully: Merrian- Webster dictionary

$100 billion reference below )

Ski ya later if the wallet allows.


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