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Report Submitted by Ray Yong
(trip) Date: Friday Jul 28, 2023

Submitted: Friday Jul 28, 2023 at 15:04




I happened to be at Lake Louise (the only time we brave the summer madness is if we have guests), and while they were off at the lake, I took a side trip to check out Fairview. I figured it would be soft, but whole stretches are REALLY muddy. And the Fairview Connector is just crazy!

Fairview, heading south. Yup, needs more grooming...


Fairview connector from Fairview trail

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2023-07-29 at 19:27 - comment by aqua toque

Thanks Ray. I take it they won't be tracksettng that anytime soon!

meanwhile here's some waterlillies on the pond in Bragg Ck.

water lillies

2023-07-31 at 10:31 - comment by Quixote

We tried biking the Cookie Race course one time. It's truly amazing what snow pack covers up and what the groomers smooth out! We had to turn around at one point because a couple of the trails go straight through full on bogs!


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