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Frozen/unfrozen lake

Report Submitted by MaSid
(trip) Date: Saturday Aug 05, 2023

Submitted: Saturday Aug 05, 2023 at 15:07


Wanted to get on top of the north knoll to replicate the winter view, but it’s a bit bushy taking the winter route from the north. And from the lake it’s a steep grovel. Turns out I wasn’t interested in either. Regardless, nice to visit during one of the 3 months that it’s open water. Glacier is looking a bit sad, like a late season snowfa.

Frozen lake

Unfrozen lake

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2023-08-05 at 20:38 - comment by aqua toque

Any evidence or remnants of mustard in the area?

2023-08-07 at 17:18 - comment by SkierRoger

Trying to decide which picture is the best. Either way, they are beautiful!

2023-08-07 at 21:47 - comment by MaSid

I can certainly say that it is more enjoyable travel in winter on skis, as I walked back along the elk pass trail at the end of the day (no bike). You know, mustard powder season. But safer to see frozen lake in the summer. An easy low effort destination to see a glacier, lakes and larches.

2023-08-10 at 19:19 - comment by HenryL

Kodak and Fujifilm must have loved Frozen Lake.

Alf wandering the shore of Fox Lake.

Capturing the photographers at Frozen Lake.

Frozen Lake portrait, 1983.

2023-08-11 at 08:27 - comment by MaSid

Thanks for the archival footage as always Henry! Actual film, AND knickers. Got a summer shot of the glacier for a citizen science comparative?

2023-08-12 at 08:10 - comment by HenryL

MaSid, I wish I had such a photo. I love the idea of the mountain legacy photo projects. I hope that you keep on adventuring and taking your great photos, both summer and winter. They will be part of the continuing legacy.

2023-08-16 at 20:33 - comment by aqua toque

Can I interest you in some archival Peyto.

Ma, the fella on the right is none other than the infamous Bartonmeister.

It was Sept and our objective was to climb and ski Mt Baker. A guide and his clients laughed at us.

This is Mex. The only one of us who actually knew how to ski.

2023-08-17 at 21:26 - comment by MaSid

Thanks for the Peyto archive AT. 2003 was the year I broke my leg with good old Bartonic, just before we were to depart for a Mount Logan expedition. Buggered that one up.

Todays glacier observation was northover ridge. Thwarted on the full loop though: big winds up on the ridge, had to turn tail. Consolation prize was running into a grizzly in the rocky gully above aster on return. First time seeing a grizzly climb steep rock! Fascinating.


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