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Enjoyable time at Hector, Merlin, Drummond Trails

Report Submitted by SkierRoger
(trip) Date: Sunday Dec 05, 2021

Submitted: Sunday Dec 05, 2021

Nice view from Hector

Oncoming skier

A hazard on Hector

View from Pipestone Pond

Merlin Trail

A few deep holes on Drummond (don't break your poles)


I had a great day skiing the Hector, Merlin, Drummond and Pipestone trails today near Lake Louise. The temperature was cool, around -10 to -12 degrees, but a fast pace took care of that. My route took me up Hector, past the Pipestone Pond, down Merlin and then back via Drummond/Pipestone.

The snow conditions were best on Hector but I found the other trails to be a bit icy.

I noticed a few hazards, the worst of which was a couple of large gashes on Hector trail. These were caused from an underlying creek. You would not want to hit these at any significant pace… I also saw 3 areas of snow sloughing on Drummond which should be carefully avoided, one of which was was responsible for Karen’s broken ski pole.

I most enjoyed Merlin. This tight, curvy trail is just lovely – kind of like being in Lord of the Rings!


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