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Wedge Connector

Report Submitted by Bob Truman
(trip) Date: Thursday Dec 09, 2021

Submitted: Thursday Dec 09, 2021

The Ribbon Creek tracksetting team, Alex and Brett. Photo taken at the Wedge Pond trailhead.

Fresh tracksetting from Wedge Pond.

Liz heads out from Wedge Pond

Winter Wonderland on the Wedge Connector. The temperature was -6.

Wedge Connector with Wedge mountain in the distance

The final 300 metres was groomed only(not trackset) and had a few rocks.


I checked out some of the new tracksetting at Kananaskis Village, Bill Milne, and Wedge Connector. The Wedge and the Village trails were in good shape but the Bill Milne trail heading south from Ribbon Creek was marginal and I would not recommend it.

Although Wedge was in overall good condition, there are a couple hazards to watch out for. As you approach the end, where it opens up, there are a few rocks, which were easy enough to avoid. This portion of the trail is 300 metres to the end where it meets Evan-Thomas creek.

There is a rivulet which creates a dipsy-doodle at the bottom of the only hill on the trail. I saw it on my way out and made a mental note to slow down when I returned. I completely forgot about it and was going full tilt when I hit it on the way back and went flying.

The Evan-Thomas trail is not groomed. Tracksetter Alex said it had thin snow cover with lots of exposed rocks.

I'll make a second posting later with photos from the Bill Milne trail.


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