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2024-05-06 at 18:02 - comment by ulrikeski

Hi Chuck: You inspire us mere mortal skiers to challenge ourselves and get out there! Thanks for all your great photos and amusing comments!

2024-05-06 at 12:10 - comment by Diana Piggott

Awesome photo of Chuck being awesome :-)

2024-05-06 at 08:46 - comment by Chuck

Thanks Steph for this photo, and thanks everyone for your support... you kept me motivated all season!

Climbing the Switchbacks and approaching Snow!

2024-05-05 at 21:35 - comment by MaSid

The sausages did look like they needed a bit more cooking.

2024-05-05 at 15:24 - comment by Chuck

Well MaSid, I took the zip-offs off while switching from bike to skis… of course I ended up with a sunburn while I skied from the snow reflection!

2024-05-05 at 14:32 - comment by MaSid

A rough multi-modal day out, carrying dangerous fragile goods into elevated terrain, and getting the zip offs over the skis without spilling said goods. 🙂

Spring ski cookout next time?

2024-05-04 at 21:22 - comment by Diana Piggott

Wow, you are really making hay! Absolutely fantastic <3

2024-05-04 at 19:34 - comment by ulrikeski

Another Chuck classic! Looks great. No beer and chips for me but can't complain about my ski days either. Yeah, enjoy while it lasts.

2024-05-04 at 18:46 - comment by HenryL

I'm green with envy of such a blue sky day you had.
I love the snacks.
I'm sure that Sid Marty would approve.

YOHO ROAD to TAKAKKAW FALLS - May the Fourth be with You

Report Submitted by Chuck
(trip) Date: Saturday May 04, 2024

Submitted: Saturday May 04, 2024 at 18:37


Another Blue Sky Day deserves another worthy destination!
Snow softer than yesterday (at this lower elevation), but still well worthwhile.
No avalanches crossed the road this year... Easy!

Starting out on my Mountain Bike from the highway, carrying my skis on my pack

Snow cleared to the top of the switchbacks

Time to switch to my waxable light touring skis

Red Chairs are snowbound!

Relaxing on another bench... with Rewards!

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