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Dust on crust?

Report Submitted by MaSid
(trip) Date: Sunday Jun 16, 2024

Submitted: Sunday Jun 16, 2024 at 08:00


Some new snow up high with this cold storm.

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2024-06-17 at 19:00 - comment by SkierRoger

What a beautiful picture!

Meanwhile, it’s a tad warmer in eastern Canada as we travel to the Ottawa heat dome.

2024-06-17 at 21:39 - comment by MaSid

Should have given credit where credit is due. Not my photo. Just a screen grab from sunshine village cameras early the other morning. More of same happening right now.

2024-06-18 at 08:25 - comment by MaSid

Here’s a better shot from this morning. If not for the melting around rock isle lake, still looks like full on winter out there.

2024-06-21 at 15:04 - comment by HenryL

MaSid, I check the Sunshine Village webcams as well.
I muse when looking at the Mt. Assiniboine cam view that the combination of Mt. Sturdee (the head) and Mt. Assiniboine (the body) reminds me of a sleeping spikey-headed dinosaur. Sheesh.

Sleeping dinosaur.

2024-06-21 at 17:51 - comment by MaSid

Hear a glorious version from early this morning.
Went up pigeon mtn today. Just enough snow to augment the water bottle. No wind. Same tomorrow. Snow won’t last much past that though. Some running water also, but same deal.

Lots of new on the north facing aspects.

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