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Report Submitted by DEMOCRATIZE AB
(trip) Date: Monday Dec 13, 2021

Submitted: Tuesday Dec 14, 2021


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The Healy Creek trail to Brewster Creek trail via Sunshine Road is generally excellent skier tracked skiing. No rocks and just a few trees fallen across the trail which are easy to deal with. I can't understand why Parks Canada has not trackset this trail for skiers.

I took the short cut horse/backpacking trail to the Brewster Creek trail. I did a lot of side stepping work on hills to better the trail. Currently it is in fairly good to good condition. I hit several rocks. With 10 cm of nice new moist snow, it should be in generally very good condition for skiing up. Someone had skied up a kilometer or so on mountaineering fat skis and then turned around and skied down. The person must have put some nice gouges in the ski bases. There is not enough snow to safely ski down the short cut trail.

I skied about roughly 3 km past the old trapper cabin.I skied across the bridge beyond the old cabin and broke easy trail to about a 2/3 diffused moon on my old beat up 60mm skis. Ski penetration varied but averaged a little over the ankles with a firm base below 15 cm of fresh snow. The base seemed to get harder the further up valley I went. The fresh snow was moderate speed and was Alberta winter dry. Fantastic trail breaking and really sweet snow to ski. There are just a few minor trees down beyond Sundance Lodge. This trail can be snowmobile packed now. It is in generally very good to excellent base and skiing conditions.

The Brewster Creek trail is generally very good to excellent skiing. Skier tracked by Chuck to Sundance Lodge. This trail should also be trackset as there is a very good snow base. Several trees have fallen across the trail since I last skied this section at night. A number of small trees are now buried in the snowpack. It will take roughly 2 hours of chainsaw work to get the trial up to "snuff." I did not find the trees difficult to deal with skiing down at night.

Ski it up.


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