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Confirming Fairview is Trackset

Report Submitted by Ray Yong
(trip) Date: Wednesday Dec 15, 2021

Submitted: Wednesday Dec 15, 2021

Didn't get to ski any tracksetting 'til the last km, but it was a beautiful day.

Pet Peeve - Skate skiers who ski over tracks... Even if they're only skier made tracks.


Decided to do Fairview today, but only got there around 1300. The trail had been sled packed, but we got to see Jeff the groomer six times(!!!) as he groomed and then trackset the trail. So, I can confirm the trail is beautifully trackset. Lots of fresh snow. Temp about -15, but high humidity. Tracks are deep, and the downhills very easily controlled. The ice we had a little while ago is completely covered over. We only saw 15 people all day, 6 of whom were Jeff...

Had a quick chat with Jeff - a really nice guy. He does a fantastic job, and it's a lot of work. He mentioned it took him 11 straight hrs to clear all the deadfall from Upper Telemark yesterday. Can't thank the groomers who work on all the trails enough.


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