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Report Submitted by DEMOCRATIZE AB
(trip) Date: Sunday Dec 19, 2021

Submitted: Sunday Dec 19, 2021 at 00:38


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The Redearth Creek trail has been trackset up to the Shadow Lake turn off. Excellent ski conditions all the way with up to 7 cm of new snow on the trackset since it was laid. No rocks. Moderate snow speed. A few new centimeters of snow in the track on the way back down at night. There must have been a lot of pent up demand to ski fresh Redearth tracksets as there was more people skiing down than normal when I was skiing up in the afternoon.

Late in the afternoon it was -14C at the Redearth Creek warden cabin. Light snow falling. Just a light breeze blowing.

The trail up to Shadow Lake Lodge has been snowmobile packed and is in excellent skiing condition. No Rocks. I widened the trail somewhat by side stepping on the hills. There is up to 7 cm of new snow on the snowmobile track.

From Shadow Lake Lodge to beyond Shadow Lake I broke trail. Ski penetration is roughly just over the ankles on the lake and in open areas. I skied about a 150 meter sampler up Pharaoh Creek at night to a highly diffused moon at night. Moderate snow speed and easy to moderate difficulty trail breaking up the creek in the trees on 60mm skis.

Around 8pm I left Shadow Lake Lodge and the temperature was -10c with light snow. I had about 1.5 cm of new snow in my track going down.

About 4cm of new snow fell in the parking lot from when I first started to ski in the afternoon. Light snow continued but the full moon was poking through very thin clouds with beautiful diffused light. It made for a bright ski most of the way down the Redearth Creek trail.


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