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Bluster to blithe on Bill Milne

Report Submitted by Mary
(trip) Date: Wednesday Dec 22, 2021

Submitted: Wednesday Dec 22, 2021 at 16:45


Mary and Ray


We parked at Ribbon Creek Parking, +1C at the start at 11:30 am, +1 at the end. The new tracksetting on Bill Milne was fabulous. Warm temperatures allowed us to ski with light gloves and minus our outer jackets for part of the trip. We used V45 and 50 wax and did just fine on fast tracks. Thanks track setters! We crossed over the highway to the Even-Thomas Parking lot and skied from there to the Wedge Connector and back to Bill Milne. There was a lot of tree litter over much the grooming, from the strong winds that still gusted through the area, but even though a few bits stuck to the bottoms of our skis, it didn't impede our glide. The section from Evan-Thomas parking to the bridge at the creek crossing was a bit messed up by walkers, a couple of whom walked smack in the middle of both ski tracks. As we skied back past the golf course, the winds had blown the tracks in considerably, but then they improved quite a bit until just past the bridge on the access road to Nakiska, where they were somewhat blown in again. A very enjoyable 20 kms.


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