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(trip) Date: Thursday May 06, 2021




Hi Everybody,

I'm happy to announce that this website is largely complete. Thanks for everyone's patience over the past week as I refined the system.😃

I think we're largely done now, with only a few things left to add:

1) the ability to caption a picture while COMMENTING on another post (captions are currently allowed in the main post)

2) the ability to EDIT one of your earlier posts

There may be other things that you wish to be added. As always, I'm happy to hear your thoughts...


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2021-05-12 - comment by ODA

Hi Roger,
This looks fantastic and much easier to view at a glance. Thanks for making the change.
It looks like there are a few more skiers still going - how exciting!

2021-05-08 - comment by SkierRoger

Thanks very much for your reply ODA. Your prompted me to make a change...

Now when you click the Home button, you will see a COMPLETE listing of all trip reports AND follow-up comments. I've colored the reports blue and the comments red so they are easy to differentiate. The list is sorted by post date (latest first). Click the trip report title and you will see the full report and associated comments.

I continue to show the "Post Summary" button. This is shorter and summarizes just the trip reports. The number of comments associated with each report is provided.

I think this is much more useful. thanks for your question.

2021-05-07 - comment by ODA

Any chance we can see all posts for a given day or week? Or is that available now? Seems like I can only see the comments that I click on.
Thanks for taking this over Roger.

2021-05-06 - comment by KenH

The ability to edit (or delete) your own posts will be very helpful.... I'm always mis-spelling words that need correction.

2021-05-06 - comment by SkierRoger

Also, I still have to add a link to Bob's ski video's!

Anything else?


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