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Report Submitted by DEMOCRATIZE AB
(trip) Date: Monday Jan 10, 2022

Submitted: Tuesday Jan 11, 2022 at 00:10


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The snowmobile was out today tracksetting and grooming the Cascade River trail. There is excellent ski conditions. At night some gusty Chinook winds deposited snow in the track in wind exposed areas, particularly the road. Snow bombs have fallen out of trees beyond the Cascade bridge and filled the track in some areas but not too seriously. Moderate speed snow on the trackset.

I broke trail nearly 3 km beyond the Stoney Creek Bison gate. My old trail from earlier December was buried with 2 feet of snow. Trail breaking was moderate difficulty on my old extremely faint trail. Off trail it was difficult trail breaking on 205x60 mm skis. The snow was somewhat slow trail breaking.

At about 7:30pm it was -3c at Stoney Creek Warden Cabin. The high 1/2 moon light made for nice skiing out. The trackset has snow that is remarkably consistent. Swix V30 -2c to -10c wax worked well for slide and glide.


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