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WBC east/south/west perimeter route

Report Submitted by gh
(trip) Date: Tuesday Jan 11, 2022

Submitted: Tuesday Jan 11, 2022 at 18:33


just me


I skied Sundog east, Elbow / Iron Springs figure 8, Elbow to just shy of the Fullerton junction, Loggers, both Mountain Views, outer Moose loop on metal edged waxless skis

Overall the snow conditions are still fairly good. There was only a little bit of glazing this morning in places that got a lot of sun yesterday. That will be the case tomorrow, perhaps a little more than today. The main issue was tree debris (small branches and needles) due to high winds in the morning (less so in the afternoon). Most trails have some debris, more in places with dense forest (think Elbow) running north / south (more cross winds) and less in meadow areas especially running east / west. The only trails that were reasonably free of debris were Mountain Road and Mountain View West. I had no problem avoiding the bigger debris and just skied over the small stuff. Waxless skis were the way to go today.

Hazards: The only area of concern that I encountered on my route (33.3 km) today was coming down to the meadow (parking lot bound) on the north side of Moose. That area gets a lot of sun and the sharp curve at the bottom of the hill has some bare spots. With metal edges I was able to get through without too much trouble. There is one other dirty section near the closing of the that loop (south east) but it is easy to negotiate. Walkers and fat bikers have made a big mess of the Elbow trail (which parks does not maintain anywhere near to the standards that Bragg Creek Trails does). It is only just barely skiable. The south Elbow / Iron Springs loop is not much better, especially the Elbow leg. Walkers have been nearly everywhere in the network but fortunately there is less damage on the more frequently groomed terrain.


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