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2022-01-20 at 15:55 - comment by SteveR

I'll add that I was on my metal edge light touring with NNN-BC boot setup. Slower than my usual track skis for the first half of my loop, but I was happy with that choice on Telephone.

Telephone Update

Report Submitted by SteveR
(trip) Date: Thursday Jan 20, 2022

Submitted: Thursday Jan 20, 2022 at 15:41


Just me


I got off to a reasonably early start just after 9, and skied West Crystal-Mountainview-Mountain Road-Mountainview West-Moose north-Telephone-Hostel. The skies stayed cloudy for most of my 3 hour ski, keeping the snow cold despite increasingly warm winds. For wax- VR45 overlaid with VR40 worked perfectly until hitting the final sunny uphills, but by then I was almost done other than skiing east Hostel, which was in perfect shape. With the exception of Telephone, the other trails were in the same great shape as when we skied them yesterday. As for Telephone- it was in decent shape for strong intermediate skiers (especially the north end!), but the west and east legs were rugged overall, very thin and marginal in a few spots. Some steeper downhills going CCW on the east leg have been scraped almost bare- I would strongly recommend clockwise as I did it. A few walkers and bikers have been out the east side at least as far as Disconnect, but given the overall state of the trail- their passage has left little imprint and has no affect on the ski quality. So overall- I had a very enjoyable loop, but Telephone could definitely use more snow! Wrapping up at noon-it was plus 5 and trees were dripping in the warm sun- the window to ski Tele is closing fast.

East Telephone- not really representative of the overall ski conditions on many downhills. Descend with caution!

Warm sun=slippery uphills! Walkers have left only minor holes.


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