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Blueberry-Elk Pass-Hydroline Bliss

Report Submitted by Mary
(trip) Date: Thursday Jan 20, 2022

Submitted: Thursday Jan 20, 2022 at 16:49


Anne, Ray and me


Best tracks we've seen this season! Elk Pass Trail was a delight, and even Fox Creek wasn't too bad. The best part of the day was Blueberry Hill with its snow-swaddled trees, perfect tracks and hardly anyone there. It made coming down fast a real thrill! From the top of Elk Pass, 2 of us took Hydroline down to the bottom, while Ray tried Patterson back to Elk. Both routes were in excellent shape. All the major hills (Blueberry, Hydroline and Elk Pass above the parking lot) were fast and fun, and with the fresh grooming over new snow, had perfectly controllable descents. -7C to start and -2 at the end, with very little wind. V40 and 45 wax worked well. Thanks ski buddies and track setters for a fantastic experience today!

Does anyone else see Storm Troopers in the forest?

Snow creature watches our ascent.

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2022-01-20 at 17:38 - comment by Helen Read

Likely missed you as had a later start and put in track just at base of Blueberry over to Hydroline via Couch Headquarters. You were likely descending so fast, you might not have even seen my track. I especially enjoyed the downhill track on Elk Pass after playing in West Elk Meadows most of the day. The clearcutting they have done over at that lower part of Hydroline almost makes one wonder if they are putting in a few new ski runs. Enjoyed coffee and brandy chocolates at couch. Met three people in the West Elk Meadows who called themselves "Wranglers" from Turner Valley. No sighting of MaSid.

2022-01-21 at 12:42 - comment by Arie

I too skied the south end of PLPP yesterday and I too vouch for the excellent conditions. Most of the trails I skied had fresh grooming. I started at Boulton where conditions were hardpacked and fast but not icy. At higher elevations the snow became softer underfoot. Blue Extra did the trick. Trail breaking in the Elk Pass meadows was easy, but there are some pockets of depth hoar now. It was -8C wen I started at 8:30 am and -1C when I finished at 3:30. In short, the south end of PLPP escaped the worst ravages of the chinook and will be in excellent shape this weekend.


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