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STONEY CREEK HORSE CAMP - and exploring possibility of crossing the Cascade River to create a loop through Mount Norquay via Elk Pass

Report Submitted by Chuck
(trip) Date: Thursday Feb 17, 2022

Submitted: Thursday Feb 17, 2022 at 18:11


With new tracksetting up the Cascade Valley, this was a great opportunity to check out a new destination, and further possibilities!
The freeze/thaw cycle has provided excellent off-track travel conditions. I used Rode Multigrade (0 to -2) which was perfect.
Who will be first to complete the loop this year??

For an adventure... follow these tracks!

Tree has fallen on the historic original Stoney Creek Warden Cabin

This is where I went west... off track

Stoney Creek Horse Camp

Not an ice bridge... but looks like a possible crossing

Yes, this fallen tree would provide a dry crossing... for those who dare!

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2022-02-17 at 19:04 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

Thy who dare travel the Elk Lake trail to Stoney Creek had better carry a chain saw! At least a hand saw anyways. When I went up the Elk Lake trail several weeks ago, I had to knock snow out of many trees to pass. More snow came down afterwards and that could have resulted in trees breaking. But with the warm windy weather recently, the snow may have fallen off the trees which may result in the trees springing back into their upright place.

To get around the Mt. Norquay COVID Pass check stop blockade at the end of the parking lot before the lodge (if it still exists), go stage right hard around the lodge and around the ski patrol hut. No one has a right to block xc skiers from passing through as it is a designated backcountry trail that is free of restrictions of any sort.


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