Backdoor - Tyrwhitt - Elk Pass - Nov 1

Submitted by Gord F
(trip) Date: Monday Nov 01, 2021

Whiskey Jack Intersection, -15º

End of skier track

25 cm on upper Tyrwhitt

Upper Tyrwhitt Meadow

Tyrwhitt Table

Elk Pass with smoke




Backdoor - Tyrwhitt - Elk Pass - Monday Nov 1.

I thought I'd follow Normand's trail from Backdoor south to Elk Pass. It was -15º with a breeze when I started about 10:45. The snow was nice and dry, and a well-hammered track and my desire to warm up allowed me to get to the high point on Tyrwhitt pretty quickly. I had visions of gliding down to the bottom of Tyrwhitt with little effort.......then I discovered the broken trail vanished just past the Tyrwhitt high point. It looked like Normand, (I assume) had been plucked off the ground by a helicopter with a long line, or he had executed a very precise kick turn and returned on his original track. Regardless, I now found myself plowing through 25cm of powder the entire way to Elk Pass. Conditions are good for early-season, a consistent 25cm. Had to circumvent a few stream crossings, and avoid a few wet zones but didn't need to remove skis. BTW, the smoke was pretty thick up around Elk Pass. I assume they are burning slash on the BC side?

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2021-11-03 - comment by Tanya K

I'll solve at least part of the mystery of the ski tracks ending on Tyrwhitt.

I went out with my family on Saturday, the 30th. We got first tracks from the back door to the top of Whisky Jack. We broke trail through about 15-20 cm of fresh snow.
So it was my husband that created the lovely ski trail everybody followed Sunday and Monday.

We were joined by two other men at the top of Whisky Jack and we let them go ahead to continue breaking trail along Tyrwhitt. They stopped when they reached the meadows because it was getting wet and the snow was thin. They were planning on going to Elk Pass but turned around there.

We went perhaps 5 metres further, took a photo, and turned around.

Maybe somebody else headed out after us on Sunday and went further across Tyrwhitt. The snow was definitely trampled down where we turned around because we were taking photos there. No kick turn.

Third photo is where we turned around.

2021-11-01 - comment by Normand

Nice report Gord and intel data. I wish I would have been hauled by helicopter to end up in a Canmore pub! But I turned around yesterday before the track’s end you saw.


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